Bryan – Bryan works at night doing his web development work, and with his free time he often helps at the new Café our Pastor friend is starting. He is looking for a house to buy here so we will have a more permanent home here in the future. He misses American food but after a short trip he had to make back to America for work in phoenix he came back to India saddened by how rough America is becoming. He likes life here better for the children as it is more innocent and good much like he also likes Lancaser, PA. But, he loves his America and so he thinking living in both places part of the year would be best for his family. He has been such a great leader here and is always willing to serve any one us or a stranger without hesitation.

Sega- Sega has been working 5 to 6 hours a day learning web development. It is very tiring on the brain to study so intently but he never complains. He is a good cook and makes curry for us 1 night a week. He always does his house chores and cleans up his mess. He never is disrespectful or rude to his elders. He is a very easy person to live with really. He teases the girls mercilessly though and finds much joy in this. So, we let him have it and think it is good for the girls to see how boys show love through hair tugs and a purposely provoking comment like, Yuna stink.=) If we have a dollar for every time we heard, Sega! Stop it,” we would be rich.

Although an attractive young man of 24 now, he doesn’t eye the girls or speak of any girls as potential mates. When we ask about young ladies he just says, “I am not ready”.

One of the reasons our son will not marry yet is because he would have nowhere to take his bride. In this culture to get an intelligent and lovely wife you must provide for her and show her you can give her a good life. The poor men without a good job or family house do not have many prospects. So, we desire to help him. The good news is multi-generational homes are the norm and his new wife would move into our home with us, as per custom here. She would help me keep the home and I would help with keeping the grand children. win-win.

Yuna – Yuna stays busy with school, chores, teaching at Mother Teresa Home and working at a café 1 night a week. All this and also pulled of almost all A’s. She has friends at church and has really turned into a real teen this year. MayLa says she is becoming boring. She writes complex and delightful stories and spends hours weaving tales. Yuna enjoys music a lot and listens to it most the day if she can. She is really struggling with love of clothes and shopping and the concept the Missionaries of Charity teach of giving it all up for the love of Christ and to be a witness for the poor. She is a wonderful human being and I know God will lead her in His wisdom as she finds her own identity in Him. You should see her with the disabled people at the home, she sees right though the differences right to their hearts and accepts them as they are. She is such a beautiful young lady, so strong and logical and a gifted teacher.

MayLa – MayLa has really changed a lot on this trip. An eye opening experience and right during her formative years she is learning about herself, identity and the part she plays in the bigger picture. She looks like the people here yet is VERY American. People that looked different or acted strange were once scary to her but now she embraces them and sees through the differences and realizes they are all human and share the same emotions as she does.

She loves to spend hours a day in pretend play and if you’re fortunate enough to play with her for a while you will see just how deep and organized her inner world is. She has a high moral compass and makes friends easily.

She is a walking paradox and loves the irony of wearing all black to the Mother Teresa home and helping people. She likes to push the limits of life in an ever evolving experiment of human behavior. Her poetry and song writing is deep and moving. She is an excellent student and received very good grades this year. But, its her love of her family that brings the most blessing to us. Her hugs are truly healing.

Tauna – (written by Yuna)